Understanding Furniture Poverty

Furniture poverty is ultimately about poverty. It is about people not having enough money to live on – steep housing costs, an inadequate welfare safety net and insecure, low paid employment.

Furniture is one of the most expensive items people on low incomes are likely to purchase and while there is extensive support for food and fuel costs, End Furniture Poverty is here to ensure that furniture remains part of the conversation and that support to acquire items is available.

Living without essential furniture items can have a devastating impact on your physical and mental health, and your financial and social wellbeing. People can get into unmanageable debt trying to buy items, leaving them unable to buy food or pay their rent. It can lead to isolation – you are far less likely to invite family, or a support worker, into your home if you do not have a sofa for them to sit on.

This should not be happening in the sixth richest country in the world and while we continue to work with partners to fight against poverty, we will continue to fight raise awareness of furniture poverty and campaign for national solutions such as furnished tenancies in social housing and decently funded crisis support.

Together we can End Furniture Poverty.

What is Furniture Poverty?

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Research - The Extent of Furniture Poverty

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The Impact of Furniture Poverty

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The Essential Items

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SROI of Furniture Provision

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