Research - The Scale of Furniture Poverty

We know that millions of people are affected by furniture poverty and are living without one or more essential furniture item. Research carried out by the charity Turn2Us in 2019 found that 4.8 million families are living without at least one essential household appliance, (a cooker, a fridge/freezer, or a washing machine).

We will assess how many people are living in furniture poverty, and which groups of people are affected by it the most, by analysing several large national survey data sets. This will allow us to examine the extent of furniture poverty in the UK and see who is affected the most. We will look at age, sex, gender, ethnicity, income, benefit recipients, disability, educational attainment, social class, employment, and more.

We will also be further exploring the impact furniture poverty can have on people’s mental, financial and social wellbeing, an approach we used in our report No Place Like Home, and will be undertaking further qualitative research which will explore the lived experience of people who are living in furniture poverty, to help us understand the devastation it can cause.

We hope to publish this before the end of 2022.

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